Video Promotion

Thank you for your interest in my Youtube Channnel.

You can see the stats of my channnel and Promotion Plans.

If you have any question or request, please let me know.


Your products and services will be recognized by more people.

We will create a High CVR promotional video.

We would appreciate it if you could take this opportunity to work with us.


I have knowledge and experience in BtoB / BtoC marketing and online web marketing.

Digital Technology

As a former System Engineer, I have a technical understanding. Even specialized content can be easily understood by users.


Since we have transactions with overseas companies, we can communicate in English.

IT Support / Trainer

Since I am involved in business skill development, it is possible to convey common troubles and questions in an easy-to-understand manner.

Business strategy

We are engaged in multiple businesses by utilizing our experience in various industries.

We also accept individual work requests.

Statastics on Youtube Channnel

My channel has been started from 8th Jan, 2017.

At the bigining of that, I focus on the How-to about IT tool,software, like Excel.

In these day, I introduce useful SaaS, Services, and Software.






Views last 28 days


hours Watch time last 28 days


Subscribers last 28 days

Audience Property

IT・Gadget・Software・Business Skill・Creative

Men : Women

M 75.6%

W 24.4%


65+ :15.6%

Promotion Pran and Price

You can choose the plan that suits your budget.

We will quote according to your request.

Simple Plan


US$98.00 per Video

Best plan for Test-Marketing with low budget.

Simple Cut edditing
Simple Subtitle
Basi BGM
Simple thumbnail
Youtube AD active
Introduction for My Channel
Around 5minuts video
Public in 1 month 
At best, 5days upload

Standard Plan


US$270.00 per Video

Professional Video edit and High quality Video

Hight quality edit・Subtitle・Effects..etc
Some BGM base on the scene
Hight quality thumbnail
Problem raising, solution proposal, function introduction, appeal type CTA
Youtube AD active
None Introduction for My Channel
Around 10minuts video
Public in 2 month 
At best, 10days upload


Premium Plan


US$540.00 per Video

Explanation Deep insight for the products and informative explanation.

Hight quality edit・Subtitle・Effects..etc
Some BGM base on the scene
Hight quality thumbnail
Finding issues, raising issues, introducing product functions using service sites, case studies, and strong appeal CTA
None Youtube AD
None Introduction for My Channel
Around 20minuts video
Public in 4 month 
At best, 10days upload

Additional Option

You can add various options by taking advantage of the features of Youtube.

"Promotion" display

Unless otherwise specified, the word of  "Promotion" is not displayed. (Additional fee: 0 JPY)

Designated title

You can specify the full text of the video title as the title text specified by your company. (Additional fee: 4,000 JPY,  $30USD)

Fixed comment on Top

It is an option that you can specify the full text of the explanation column of the video in the explanation text specified by your company. (Additional fee: 4,000 JPY,  $30USD)

Designated Tags(Hash Tag)

Embed the tag specified by your company. If not specified (Additional fee: 2,000 JPY, $15USD)

Face shot

Face will appear in the video. This makes the video more appealing .(Additional fee: 50,000 JPY, $490USD)

Youtube ads OFF

Turn off ads served by Youtube. (Additional fee: 13,000 JPY,  $98USD)

Add links to other videos

You can add links to other videos. 6,500 JPY(49USD) per video, period is 6 months.

Thumbnail change (created by us)

We will create another pattern thumbnail. (Additional fee: 5,000 JPY(49USD) / Image)

Thumbnail change (created by your company)

We will change to the image specified by your company. (Additional fee: 0 JPY, second and subsequent times:1,000 JPY(9USD) / time)

Publication month extension

The posting period will be extended on a monthly basis. (Additional fee: 6,500 JPY(50USD) / month)

Permanent publication

We will continue to publish it permanently until there is a withdrawal request from your company. (Additional fee: 130,000 JPY(999USD))

We will create videos for the purpose of promoting your products and services for all the videos, and set up and guide the links provided by you. In addition, the videos to be released have a fixed posting period.

★ Simple plan: This plan is ideal for companies that want to do test marketing on a low budget. The impact as a promotional video is low, but due to its simplicity, the appeal and viewing retention rate may be high. By requesting multiple videos, you can increase the number of videos, increase the number of touch points, and enhance the nurturing effect.

★ Standard plan: Professional video editing will improve the quality of promotional videos. You can also expect a video editing effect that gives a better impression to the viewer. The end of the video ends with a word that encourages CTA, which increases the conversion rate.

★ Premium plan: We will explain the features of the service in more detail and include in-depth content. Specifically, we will proactively promote using your company's resources, such as introducing services using HP and introducing case studies. Also, since no Youtube ads are displayed on the video, viewers can concentrate on watching the video. There is no particular limit to the length of the video, but the maximum length is about 20 in consideration of the viewer's concentration. It is possible to include the content that you want to appeal to that extent. It is the best plan to give a solid explanation and appeal with one video.

* Please note that we do not accept requests in exchange for coupons or licenses for your service.

* Prices include tax.  

*In principle, Only Japanese language in the video.

In addition, we will respond flexibly according to your request.

Unique Promotion?!

Not only will Youtuber introduce the product ... but if you want to convey the goodness of the product or service, or if you want to acquire more users, think about the plan together and promote it. why not?

Promotion is possible in various ways such as serialization, interviews, and lectures. Please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us for consultations, quotations, and requests.

Please contact us by the email we are contacting.

Flow until video release


Please contact us first.


We would like to hear your requests and plans regarding your requirements. In some cases, we may ask you by phone or video call. Please feel free to tell us.

Video recording / editing

We will shoot and edit the video according to your request.


Please check the video at the stage of editing in advance.

the final proofs

After correction, please check again. Then the video will be completed.


We will upload the video to Youtube and publish it. You can also specify the desired upload date and time.

About payment method

We accept payment by bank transfer or Paypal (including credit card).

In principle, the supported currencies are USD and JPY. You can also pay in some cryptocurrencies.

We would appreciate it if you could tell us about the payment method and payment date if you have any requests. 

In principle, For the first transaction, please make an advance payment.

If you have any other payment requests, please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us for consultations, quotations, and requests.

Please contact us by the email we are contacting.

Enactment in 1st December, 2020. Updated 1st January, 2023 TATSUYA NAKAMOTO